You've probably all heard of (and played) Fantasy Football, the game where you have to pick a team of Premiership footballers and get points depending on how well they do. Well this is a smaller and tackier version of that, so hence the name - Fantasy Island

The idea is simple: all you have to do is to predict the scores of the games.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. You do not talk about Fantasy Island
  2. Getting the result correct - 5 pts
  3. Getting our score correct - 3 pts
  4. Getting the opposition score correct - 2 pts

Therefore there are 10 points available for each game. The winner is (obviously) the person who gets the most points at the end of the season. You can see how everyone is getting on on the Official Scoreboard.

If you want to play, first you need to register your details - basically we need to know who you are, an email address, and a password so no-one can forge your results. Then simply logon and enter your predictions.

Please read our privacy policy if you have any questions on what we will do with this information.

Ancient History

Fantasy Island was first created back in the stone age of the internet, and below is the role call of previous winners:

1999Andi Mohr and Sean Jackson
2000Kev Crook
2001Steve Smith
2002Nigel Crumpton
2003David H
2004Kev Crook (2)
2005Anna Cummings
2006Dave Johnson
2007Darren Marklew
2012Steve from The Waggon
2013Steve from The Waggon (2)
2014John Stokes
2015Dave Johnson (2)
2016Dave Johnson (3)
2017Dave Johnson (4)
2018Berk From Trap Door
2020Big Rich
2021Ginger Dynamo*
2023DrummyB (2)

Technical details

The game was first written in 1999(!) on the now barely functioning Yeltzland web site, the original Halesowen Town supporters website.

It's still going strong, and this v2.0 of the software is a port of the original ASP/Access code to PHP and MySQL.

The software was written by Brave Location.

Fantasy Island